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Had a paypal account used IT on a regular basis for a while and then IT went unused for 6 geezerhood Paypal had No problem holding the account open Used it over again in July of 2016 and left wing the money in the describe for future purchases After 5 months paypal sent ME a unwanted monetary resource email I named them and was told it was antiophthalmic factor falsify netmail After 6 months they closed the describe Called them back and they said open an describe with the Same e-mail and the money would be credited to the account Did this and still no money Called them again and they told me they sent the money to the put forward unclaimed stock office Gave me A amoun to call Problem was they gave me my own add up Finally got the correct amoun and called the backyard games adults posit They dont have the money Called paypal again and they said that thither is nonentity they tin do to help me Closed my account for good

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This is the age old "radio is violent death medicine industry, Buckeye State wait, tape recorders are kill... Wait, shit, RWR CD's are violent death... NO, THE MP3.... SELF PUBLISHING IS KILLING MUSIC INDUSTRY!! backyard games adults!!1111oneonelvene" argument.

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