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The Reclaiming Cunt verse form itself is flawed because, in it, Ensler seeks to extract a not -echt erotic potentiality from the phonetic components of the phrase. 'Cunt' sounds au fon abrasive: "The harsh, unsibilant C, then the grunt of the U and that N, finished off with the contemptuous patter of the free sex game video final T" (Deborah Orr, 2006). The title of Martin Samuel's article From The Hard 'C' To The Sharp 'T' It's A Sensational Word (2007) neatly encapsultes the word's abrasive phonetics. In Reclaiming Cunt, Ensler energetically attempts to yield the word's inherently unpleasant phonemes: "C C, Ca Ca [...] ugh, ugh, u [...] n-, cun, cun, then T [...] say me, state Pine Tree State "Cunt cunt," suppose it" (1996). Her moans of pleasure when enunciating the individual letters do non win over : "The set about to repossess and beautify the word 'cunt' is embarrassing" (Kate Kellaway, 2001[b]). This problematical beautification is redeemed, however, by Ensler's subsequent conversational examples of reclamation ("did you simply visit me a cunt? Thank you sol much!", 1996), which ar far more persuasive. As she herself notes, context and 'cunt' ar inseparable: "It's entirely most intention, isn't it? I would never apply the word 'cunt' as vitamin A put-down" (Pete Woods, 2007).

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